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  HLF Project - Preserve & Collect

We are interested in old photographs which are tucked away – and fading away – and which may be in danger of being “tidied” into the bin! These can great insights into times gone bye.

If they are damaged, we can restore them.

Damaged photograph
Restored photograph

We are interested in other materials such as bills, letters, old college project reports which we can photograph to share on the website. Can you help?

The Gallery section of the website has all the photographs which we have scanned. At its core is the collection of 8,000 slides by George Read which we have now scanned and are sorting into categories to make them easily accessible. (The process of loading them onto the website will take us another 6 months but you can see the beginnings with about 1000 images available in the Gallery.) The slides show all aspects of Tickhill over many decades. We hope our Project will fulfil George's ambition which, in the words of his late widow, Mary, was to leave his collection for the benefit of the community to give others the opportunity to see his unique collection.

Mary Read's letter is below.

Mary Read's Letter

Sharing Our Heritage