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The Society is actively engaged in a number of projects which increase our understanding and appreciation of local history.

  • A childrens’ guide to St Mary’s Church.
  • Production of an annual calendar. (2006, 2007 and 2008 are done - look out for the 2009 calendar now on sale in KSM or Taylors!)
  • Tickhill’s ancient hedgerows and byways.
  • A number of Occasional Papers researching aspects of Tickhill’s history such as its  “Maison Dieu”, former almshouse known locally as “Mizendew”.
  • Tickhill’s War Memorial – the people behind the names. (The subject of a talk to the Society on 15th November 2007)
  • “Living Memories”, recorded interviews with older local residents (See some interviews on this website – more to come)
  • “Tickhill Then, Now and for the Future”, an ambitious project to collect and digitise old photographs and other information on Tickhill which people can access and contribute to. This project (and this website!) was made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. (See HLF Project)
  • The book - TICKHILL - discover its past - was a major project for the Society. It involved many years of work and was published in September 2014. It was produced by a small team comprising Carol Hill (author) Steve Payne (project leader, desktop publishing and photographs) and David Walters (adviser, marketing and many other things!) supported by many volunteers who helped with research, fundraising, distribution etc. The initial print run sold out immediately and a second print run is now selling very well.

Sharing Our Heritage