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  School History - Schools and Education in Tickhill

A combination of research into old records and the careful setting down of people’s memories has enabled us to compile a picture of schools and education in Tickhill from the 16th century to the early decades of the 20th century.

The papers (to which we hope more may be added) are as follows:-

1 - Education in Tickhill - Some notes taken from an article in a Parish Magazine of the mid 1960s by Tom Beastall about the New Road and the old National School

2 - Tickhill National School - an account given to Rosemary Cornish by Miss Kate A. Kimberley in 1977/78 when Rosemary was working on a study of education in Tickhill

3 - The Misses Godwin’s School - memories from 1920–1922/3 by Mrs Betty Hill

4 - Memories of Tickhill Schools in the 1920s and 30s by Hazel M. Fullwood

5 - Memories of Tickhill Schools in the 1940s by Mr. Roy Taylor

6 - A collection of documents relating to Building New National Schools, a Report and Accounts for the National and Infant Schools (1852 and 1888), School Rules. Note:- may be slow to load

7 - A description of an Education Week held in June 1936

8 - School Certificate Examinations in 1939 with thoughts and questions about what the exam questions might tell us about how educational standards have changed - Testing - Testing by Philip Mottram

9 - Memories of Schooldays in the 1920s by Ronald Hill

10 - Memories of Schooldays in the 1950s and 1960s by Geoff Stables

11 - Tickhill School in 1764 - described for the visit of the Archbishop of York



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