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Christmas Diaries 2007

The diaries paint a fascinating picture of a child’s Christmas in 2007.

Many diaries close with a question – “What was your Christmas like?” – addressed to the future reader in 2057, 2107, 2157…  I wonder what the answers will be….

 In summary:-

Father Christmas was busy as usual bringing a range of toys with Nintendo Wiis making their first appearance

Lots of eating was done with restaurants visited and, on Christmas Day itself, many gathered for the  traditional turkey with all the trimmings

It was a family time, with time spent playing games

Lots of TV was watched

Most stayed locally, but some went abroad to Disneyland

All had a great time..!

The dairies are all available in the Gallery section of the History Society’s website under Tickhill Today – Recent Events.

Do have a browse – you will be fascinated,  I’m sure.

 Many Thanks to

Hannah, Jack, Chloe, Charlotte, Megan, Amanda, Michael, Kyle, Chessie, Charlie, Moya, George, Megan, Kat, Georgia, Joe G, Thomas, Joe S, Lucy, Olivia, Nadia, Caitlin, Sam, Emma, Jack, Ali, Alex, Ryan, Victoria, Callum, Sophie, Holly, Francesca, Abby, Brandon, Emma

 for their brilliant diaries










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