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      Newsletter Winter 2012


Autumn programme

The autumn talks showed how non-written traces of the past can shed light on remoter times. Thanks to our speakers we now know more about the local tanning industry, the popularity of snuff taking with its range of snuff boxes and what the skeletons revealed in excavations at Rotherham Minster. The Millstone catered splendidly for our Christmas Social and the post-meal presentation was also enjoyed by the 53 guests. We are grateful to Dorothy Bradley for making all the arrangements.


The latest Occasional Paper, number 12, was published in October. It focuses on the Laughtons, once one of Tickhill's leading families. An engrossing saga, ranging from pillars of the community and benefactors to marital breakdown and a black sheep, the Paper looks at episodes in the family's history from the 17th to the 20th Centuries. 'The Laughton Family of Tickhill' is on sale at KSM, price 2, thanks to Linda Mayes and colleagues.

Lorna Payne has sourced some binders for the Occasional Papers series. Each binder will take about 8 Papers. Priced at 2.99 the binders are available from KSM and the Library.

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society has published the third transcript of Tickhill Parish Registers compiled by Pamela Lindley, this one covering the years 1771-1837. From 1772 the names of mothers as well as fathers are given in the baptismal entries, and many entries include the fathers' occupations. From 1808 the burial register starts to include the ages of those buried. The names of officiating ministers are given for marriages, showing that the Revd T F Twigge did not officiate at a single marriage service in 17 of the years he was in post and officiated at few baptisms and burials from 1813 to 1819 - a real absentee vicar, dependent on curates and visiting clergy.  As with the two previous volumes, the indexes are very helpful in making the best use of the transcript. The book is available from YAS (0113 245 7910) price 20 + 3 p+p.

The Old Water Mill at Limestone Hill Farm

Last year much work was completed on the restoration of this special building dating from c1803, one of only four water-powered corn mills in the county. Owners Duncan and Imelda Dewar have issued an invitation to groups to visit the mill. In November David Walters and Steve Payne went round the mill, one of Steve's photographs being shown here. Many more photographs can be seen in the Gallery/Buildings section of our website with notes in the Phototopics section. It is hoped to arrange visits by small groups of Society members. The Society is funding some display panels    for the mill.



On page 2 of this Newsletter there are extracts from a journal written by one of the occupants of Firbeck Hall in the 18th Century - a rare glimpse of the life of local well-to-do women. Another journal, written from 1781-1832 by the mother of Tickhill's Vicar the Revd E H Brooksbank, has been uploaded onto the internet. Phillipa Brooksbank gives a detailed account of this wealthy family's travelling round Britain, their socialising and health, for example, providing an insight into the Revd Brooksbank's background. See <>


Chris Garritt – an Obituary

Steve Payne writes: In Chris Garritt, the Society has lost a very popular member whose contribution to local history will be sorely missed. Chris made a significant contribution to the highly successful “Tickhill, Then, Now, and for the Future” project by leading the exercise to scan the George Read collection of slides which are now regularly viewed by local and international visitors to our website. Chris was also a rich fund of knowledge about Tickhill, about its residents and the way it had developed over his lifetime spent in our town. We kept saying that we needed to record all his memories before anything happened, but he seemed so indestructible that we of course kept putting it off till tomorrow… ! Latterly, Chris also made his regular contributions to the running of the Society as a member of the committee. But above all, Chris was a really nice man whom we shall all miss. Our thoughts are with Anne and his family in their great loss.

Endnote: A Link across Time and Continents

In 1944 Eric Sorenson was a 2nd Lt in the Welsh Yeomanry billeted at The Friary. At an anxious time before D Day Eric and his brother officers often visited the “Travellers Rest” and Eric remembers George and Mrs Morrell (the Licensees) and more particularly their “very pretty young daughter Marian who served behind the bar”. Marian however was already (almost) engaged so was considered “off limits” by Eric and his brother officers. None of this would have been known to us had not Eric who now lives in Minneapolis USA found the Society’s website about three years ago and emailed his memories to us. (Click on "Living Memories”, then “Eric Sorenson” on our website.)

Marian, now Mrs Marian Turner, still lives in Tickhill with her husband Dennis and is well known to many who shop locally. She does not have a computer and so was completely unaware that Eric was still alive until one day Roy Taylor told her she was famous and was mentioned on the internet! She remembered Eric as an officer and a gentleman and at her request we emailed her address to him.

Now, three years later they are still in regular contact by post and have exchanged photographs. What a delightful, if unexpected, by product of the History Society’s website.                                                                                   

Tickhill's Parish Room

This is another illustration from The Northern Star or Yorkshire Magazine, November 1817, and is the earliest known picture of the Parish Room, then called the Hospital of St Leonard. There is little difference from the 1844 illustration in the Gentlemen's Magazine which can be seen in Introducing the Parish Room Tickhill: A history and guide published in 2011 by the Parish Room Management Committee, a most useful 12 page A5 booklet which gives an overview of the building's history and a description of its use since it was restored and modernised 2003-2008. The booklet is available from KSM and other outlets In Tickhill, price 1.50.


Sharing Our Heritage