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      Newsletter Spring 2011


Meetings in January and February

2011 got off to a very good start with our first two meetings. Chris Felton's barber surgeon presentation was described as 'one of pour best sessions' by a satisfied member, while the Archive  evening also went down very well. Many thanks go to all involved in organising and running the evening. There is plenty more to look forward to this spring in addition to our meetings.

'Heritage Inspired' sponsored talk

Pat McLaughlin is giving a talk on Gothic Architecture in South Yorkshire on 23 March at 1.30 p.m. at Blyth Barnby Memorial Hall, High Street Blyth. Admission 1, refreshments available. The talk is scheduled to last for 2 hours.

Scarecrow Festival

As well as looking out for the TDLHS scarecrow of Old Father Time on 30 April and 1 May, drop by at our stall on 1 May which you will find near the phone box close to the junction of St Leonards and the main road.

Summer visit

For a change, this year there will be one main trip arranged during the day-time on Friday, 27 May. The plan is to go to Manor Lodge, Sheffield, in the morning, for a guided tour given by David Templeman, whose talk to the Society on Manor Lodge was well received. You can then either have a pub lunch or bring your own sandwiches before a visit in the afternoon to Weston Park Museum and Gardens. A coach will leave Tickhill at 9.30 a.m. and return at 4.30 p.m. The cost will be in the region of 10 (not including lunch). Dorothy Bradley is finalising arrangements and will give more details at our April and May meetings when you will need to sign up for a place. It sounds like a most interesting trip.

Portable Antiquities Scheme

Whether or not you are a gardener or a farmer, you might know someone who has unearthed an item made from pottery, flint, stone, leather or metal dating from before 1700. If so, the Portable Antiquities Scheme would like to know. The Scheme has a national network of Finds Liaison Officers who can provide advice e.g. on how to clean and store your find, and record your find on a national database ( The FLO for this area is Amy Downes, of the West Yorks Archaeology Advisory Service, Tel: 01924 305359, E-mail: uk

If you find any treasure, you need to report it to the coroner within 14 days. Treasure, which legally belongs to the Crown, includes:

         objects more than 10% gold or silver and more than 300 years old

         any 2 prehistoric metal objects that are found together

         hoards of coins over 300 years old if there are 2 or more gold or silver coins, or 10 or more    copper alloy coins

The FLO can help identify what constitutes treasure, and assist with the report to the coroner. Who knows what lurks beneath the soil in this area?

(This information is provided in a leaflet published by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.)


A New Book

Sally Tyas gives us information about a new book, Archaeology in South Yorkshire, No. 13, published by the South Yorkshire Archaeology Service in 2010. Sally saw the book when attending a Study Day with the South Yorkshire Archaeology Service and obtained a copy for our Archive.

Archaeology in South Yorkshire is a review of some 239 sites and the work that has taken place in recent years.  Archaeology is now routinely considered to be a material part of the planning process and thereby discoveries about a site’s past also inform its future.

The book is an instructive and most interesting “broad sweep” across the region from Barnsley Sheffield and Doncaster in the East - but the investigations in our locality are of particular relevance of course. Doncaster, Bawtry, Rossington, Laughton, Letwell and Loversall all feature along with Hesley Hall and the Friary here in Tickhill.

The book is held in the TDLHS Archive at the Library and is available, on request, for any TDLHS member to read.  It is well worth a look - we live in a historically interesting area!


Sharing Our Heritage