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      Newsletter Spring 2010



          Local History Day

Within minutes of opening our Local History Day at the Parish Room in January, we had the first donation of printed material for our Archive and a photograph to copy. After such a good start, the rest of the day went extremely well with plenty of visitors including Principal Guest, the Mayor, Councillor Ray Hill. Congratulations to Tamara Poulter for winning the Prize Quiz and a £10 book token. Thanks to all who helped with running the event.

Spring talks

Although dealing with potentially sombre topics – burials and rationing - our first two talks of 2010 were delivered with much humour and thoroughly entertained the large audiences. Even in cold weather it is encouraging that so many members are willing to turn out to our meetings.

March meeting

Having an opportunity to browse through a display of archive material about Tickhill is a new departure for our meetings and we hope you will enjoy the event. This Newsletter has an example on page 4 of material recently donated to our Archive.

New Occasional Paper

Our first Occasional Paper of 2010, Number 8, was published at the February meeting. Philip Scowcroft’s ‘By road and rail: A brief history of Tickhill’s transportation’ is a well illustrated and succinct record of all the changes in local transport services. In spite of potholes around Tickhill today, road journeys are much more comfortable than was once the case over roads with ruts and large holes, before the turnpike trusts were established. The many photographs show how dependent people were on horses until the 20th Century brought motorised vehicles, and, for a few decades, passenger trains. Linda Mayes and colleagues are kindly selling this Paper and the earlier ones at the KSM Card Gallery on Castlegate.

Summer Visits

With the long winter barely over, it is cheering to think forward to summer. Dorothy Bradley has arranged the following two evening visits and will give more details at our April and May meetings when you can sign up for places.


10 June            Gainsborough Old Hall

The tour will be guided by Sue Allen who provided the splendid entertainment at our Christmas Social. The £12 cost covers a cream tea, coach fare, driver’s tip and a donation to Gainsborough Old Hall.       


8 July               Mrs Smith’s Cottage, Navenby near Lincoln

Mrs Smith lived at this cottage until her death age 102. She resisted change and so this home provides a wonderful insight into living conditions in the 1920s since when it has been virtually unchanged.



Sharing Our Heritage