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      Newsletter Spring 2009



The talks at our January and February meetings attracted ‘full houses’ of members and some visitors who were treated to an impressive display of expertise from our speakers. Archaeologist Peter Robinson updated us on pre-Roman and Roman finds in our area. See below for how Tickhill pupils once learned about Roman times. Maureen Hambrecht explained the different  tiers of the judicial system, in particular showing the extensive scope of the Quarter Sessions. Records of these Sessions are clearly worth exploring for our locality.   


Learning about the Romans

This poem was taught to children in the school beside the churchyard and recounted by William Colbeck when he was 88. (He died in 1949 aged 91.) William had been a grocer in Castlegate, where KSM is now. The poem was recorded by his granddaughter Jessie Newborn.

In ’43 the Roman host                                        In 211 Severus died

From Gaul assailed out southern coast                Corotius* and Electrus* tried

Caractacus in nine years more                            From 288 to 300

A captive left his native shore                             To set the Roman power at nought

Boadicea from loss in strife                                 St Alban suffered in 303

In ’61 destroyed her life                                       And Britain in 410 was free

In ’71 Vespasian fought

In ’78  Agricola brought

* Either William misremembered these names or Jessie misheard them when writing down the poem. The two men concerned were Carausius, who proclaimed himself emperor and moved to Britain c286, and Allectus, who assassinated Carausius in 293. Thanks to Frank Newborn for allowing the Society to reproduce material from Jessie’s notebooks.    

Request for film material

The Society has had a tremendous response to previous requests for copies of photographs and documents to add to our Archive and Website. We should now like to make copies of any cine or video films you may have which illustrate life in Tickhill. Please contact Steve Payne if you have any old films we could copy.  

Thanks for helping

David Walters sends a note of thanks to all those who gave their time helping us as follows:  Carol Hill, our Research Consultant, has already catalogued most of the older pictures in our collection by groups, streets, types of buildings, trades, events etc. This has highlighted a  number of photographs about which we have little information. To help give more background to these pictures a small group of long-standing Tickhill residents (mostly ‘lifers’!) met in the Parish Room recently and were able to help us considerably. Each picture produced many reminiscences, which, taken together, will add greatly to our knowledge of old Tickhill and make the photographs more interesting for future generations. Unfortunately time ran out before all the pictures could be viewed and one or two more meetings of the group will be needed to complete the work. A photograph of some of the members of the group is shown below.


Summer Visits  

Dorothy Bradley is kindly making arrangements for the summer visits and gave more details at the March meeting.

Wednesday 17 June 2009  An evening tour of Southwell Workhouse when we will be "booked in" like the unfortunates of the past. The cost of this special evening opening of the Workhouse and coach hire will be in the region of £15 each. The coach will need to leave Tickhill at 5.30 pm.

Wednesday 8th July 2009  An evening visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Departure time and cost t.b.a.

Please give your names to Dorothy Bradley


Sharing Our Heritage