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Tickhill & District Local History Society

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 18th October 2018

AGM followed by Jane Price - A funny thing happened...

We meet in the Methodist School Room at the rear of the Methodist Chapel on Northgate starting at 7.30

Visitors are always welcome


2017 - 2018 Programme

21st Sept Simon Tomson Roman Castleford
19th Oct AGM
Sonia Preece
Bess and her Household
16th Nov Michael Fowler The Safe Cracker
14th Dec Christmas Supper
Lloyd Powell
Ghosts of South Yorkshire
18th Jan Tim Mulroy The British Schindler
15th Feb Members' Night Flower Power
15th Mar Janet Stain 1940s Ration Book Fashion
19th Apr Mike Ogden The Palace of Westminster
17th May Susan Watts Mother's Little Helpers


2016 - 2017 Programme





Janet Niepokojczycka

Tales of Robin Hood



Michael Davidson

What the Butler Saw.........





Alan Hancock

Jack the Ripper





Lloyd Powell

A Pagan Christmas






Malcolm Barnsdale

Old Doncaster



Members’ Night.

School Dinners


Mike Ogden


Hotels in the Sky, Story of Zeppelin



David Mercer

Roche Abbey



Anne Featherstone

The History of the Music Hall


2015 - 2016 Programme                                                                             

17 September 2015   AGM/members' night/archives/supper

15 October 2015        Jean Townsend          Henry VIII, Victim or Villain?

19 November 2015     David Bostwick          Beds & Bedtime, Tudor/Stuart period  

10 December 2015      Christmas Social at The Millstone with  John B Taylor So you think you're British do you?

21 January 2016        Adrian Eccleston         The Tsar's Bones  

18 February 2016       Janet Stain             Knickers - a brief history 

17 March 2016           Victoria Ryves           The Great War on Tour

21 April 2016             Simon Tomson           Everyday life in medieval England  

19 May 2016              Ian Morgan                Curious world of Old Time Punishments                                                                                                                                                                                             


Programme for 2014 - 2015

18th September 2014

Book Launch - TICKHILL - discover its past

16th October 2014

AGM followed by Lloyd Powell - a Short History of Tickhill Castle

20th November 2014

Valery Oxley - Firbeck Hall - Amelia Staniforth's 18th century Journal

11th December 2014

Christmas Social at the Millstone with a talk by Andrew Firth - A Christmas in the Dales

15th January 2015

Amy Downes, Finds Liaison Officer, WYA Advisory Service - Tickhill/Local Finds

19th February 2015

Tony Barber - The History of the St Leger

19th March 2015

Pat McLaughlin - The Castles of Conisbrough and South Yorkshire

16th April 2015

Albert Smith - The History of Mystery - Magic Through the Ages

21st May 2015

Malcolm Oxley - How to be a Medieval Monk - at Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds




Programme for 2013 - 2014

19th September 2013

AGM followed by Debora Moretti on "Excavations at Rossington Grange Farm

17th October 2013

Kath Burkinshaw - A Year on a traditional Derbyshire Hill Farm

21st November 2013

Jean Townend - The Real Queen Mother

12th December 2013

Christmas Social at the Millstone with a talk by David Hey on Tickhill - A Norman Town

16th January 2014

David Templeman - Mary Queen of Scots; the Final Journey 1587

20th February 2014

Peter Young - "That's Your Lot" - an Auctioneer's Tales

20th March 2014

Colin Bycroft - The Vanishing Streets of Doncaster

17th April 2014

George Buchanan - Growing up at Hodsock Priory

15th May 2014

Malcolm Johnson - Raising the 5th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

26th July 2014

WW I History Fair in Tickhill Library


Programme for 2012 - 2013

20th September 2012

AGM followed by Martyn Johnson on the Making of Black Diamonds

18th October 2012

Dave  Aspden - Cultural Quarter Excavations

15th November 2012

James Lomax - Heiresses, Pious Widows and a Royal Confidante

13th December 2012

Christmas Social at the Millstone with Patrick Harding and the History of Christmas

17th January 2013

Sylvia Atkinson - The Second Episode

21st February 2013

Joanne Brunt - Remember when..... Can we afford the Doctor?

21st March 2013

Hugh Parkin - The Vanished Hamlet of Levitt Hagg

18th April 2013

Jerry Kersey - 40 Years of Broadcasting

16th May 2013

Phil Judkins - Richard of York - the Doncaster Connection

20th June 2013

Programme for 2011 - 2012

15th September 2011

AGM followed by a talk by Mike McCoy on Medieval Tanning in Tickhill

20th October 2011

A Sniff of Snuff with Jenny Stacey

17th November 2011

Excavations at Rotherham Minster - Deborah Moretti

15th December 2011

Christmas Social and Buffet at the Millstone  including "Who do you think they are?" with Frank Morley

19th January 2012

The Discovery of the Lindholme Trackway - Mike Oliver

16th February 2012

"Not of this Parish" - Gordon Taylor

15th March 2012

Mediaeval Architecture of Lower Fishergate, Doncaster - Jane McComish

19th April 2012

15th Century Table Manners - Linda Brook

17th May 2012

The Mediaeval Way of Death - Jean Townsend in costume


Programme for 2010 - 2011

16th September 2010

AGM followed by "Rockingham Pottery" - a talk by the Leader Brothers

21st October 2010

"Saucy Seaside Postcards" - Roy Newman

18th November 2010

"Mary Queen of Scots" - David Templeman

9th December 2010

Christmas Social Event at the Millstone, Tickhill -  "Mystery Boxes" with the Leader Brothers

20th January 2011

"A Barber Surgeon's Tales" - Chris Felton

17th February 2011

A Night in the Archives - T&DLHS Members

17th March 2011

"From Trenchers to Coffins" - Mediaeval Cookery with Jane West

21st April 2011

"India to Pegasus Bridge" - a talk about a World War II Denaby Hero by Sylvia Atkinson

19th May 2011

"Plagues and Potions" - Eric Houlder



Summer Visits - 2010

10th June - Gainsborough Old Hall

 The tour was guided by Sue Allen who provided the splendid entertainment at our Christmas Social. The 12 cost covered a cream tea, coach fare, driver's tip and a donation to Gainsborough Old Hall.

8th July - Mrs Smith's Cottage, Naveby near Lincoln (Cancelled)

Mrs Smith lived in the cottage until her death aged 102. She resisited change and so this home provides a wonderful insight into living conditions in the 1920s since when it has been virtually unchanged.


Programme for 2009 - 2010

17 September 2009        AGM, followed by The Revd Canon Gordon Taylor: 900 Years of St Mary’s Church


22 October 2009            Maureen Taylor: Elizabethan Costume (please note date - 22nd not 15th)


19 November 2009        Carolyn Dalton: Origins and Meanings of South Yorkshire Place Names


10th December2009      Christmas Social at The Millstone - with the gracious presence of Lady Rose


21 January 2010            Frank Morley: Interesting Burials in South Yorkshire


18th February 2010      Henry Corey Garner: WW II Rations CHANGE to PROG                                            


18 March 2010              TDLHS Members: An Evening in the Society Archives


15 April 2010                Roy Taylor: Taylors Tales: A History of Taylors of Tickhill


20 May 2010                  Rosemary Preece: A Woman’s Role in the Mining Industry



We attach for historical interest ( ! ) the programmes for 2008/2009 and 2007/2008 



We enjoyed a private visit to the Workhouse during which we were "booked in" as would the unfortunates of times past.

Southwell is the best surviving workhouse in Britain so that we could imagine what life was like for the 19th century paupers who lived there. It was built in 1842, introducing a harsh and revolutionary system which was designed to cut the cost of caring for the poor. The system was later adopted across a national network of over 600 union workhouses.

Following in the paths of the paupers we explored the segregated work yards, dormitories, dayrooms, the master's quarters and cellars, and then, in the 19th century working garden, we saw what food the paupers would have grown and eaten.

This establishment influenced the New Poor Law Act and brought bureaucracy to a head and struck fear into the hearts of so many people.


A guided tour of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.


Programme for 2008 - 2009

18 September 2008        AGM, followed by David Adgar: Sacred Places – Special 

                                     People (Wentworth)


16 October 2008            Ian Morgan: Footpads, Kings and Highwaymen


20 November 2008         Tony Barber: History of Doncaster Racecourse


26 November 2008                Social event at The Millstone, 7.30 p.m.


15 January 2009            Peter Robinson: Archaeology in and around Tickhill up to

                                    410 A.D.


19 February 2009          Maureen Hambrecht: Up Before the Beak


19 March 2009              Hedley Higgins: A Tickhill Childhood


16 April 2009                The Revd. Richard Plant: Old Coins


21 May 2009                 Howard Smith: The Story of the English Inn




Programme for 2007 - 2008

 20 September 2007        AGM

Tony Sheridan: The Merry Wives of Doncaster


18 October 2007            Julie Harrop: Cusworth Hall – The Refurbishment


15 November 2007        John Cowie: Tickhill’s Missing Men?


6th December 2007             Christmas Social at The Millstone, Tickhill


17 January 2008            Howard Smith: The Story of the English Inn


21 February 2008          Garry Swann: History of Doncaster Infirmary


20 March 2008              Malcolm Dolby: The Contents of the English House 1500-                                    1750


17 April 2008                Steve Payne: Tickhill - Then Now and Future: Our Website


15 May 2008                 Christine Greenwood: Clumber Park & the Newcastle Family



Sharing Our Heritage