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      Newsletter May 2007


Lost and found

The March and April meetings attracted a good number of new members, who are warmly welcomed. The well-received talks showed how the Doncaster area lost an extraordinary part of its heritage – the Sand House, but has found a folk hero, Robin Hood, who was active to the north and west of Doncaster rather than in Nottinghamshire. Illustrated summaries of both talks are now available in the Local History section of our website. 

Engrossing talks are in store for the 2007/8 programme arranged thanks to Pam Mills. 

New TDLHS Publication

Eastfield Farm 1925-1955 is the topic of our new, extensively illustrated, Occasional Paper 3.

Find out all about the Newborn family’s life on the farm when farming depended on hard work        by men, women, and sometimes children, as well as horses, until the Second World War       brought a shift to mechanisation. As with the first two papers, the new one is on sale at KSM     Dry Cleaners who are not charging commission


The Society is particularly grateful to Frank W. Newborn for making available many of the photographs and notes about Tickhill’s history in general and Eastfield Farm’s history in particular made by his late sister Jessie Newborn. As well as being the basis of the new Occasional Paper, some of the other material the Society has been able to copy is included in this Newsletter and the Supplement (compiled by Steve Payne). Jessie is shown in the Supplement beneath a whale’s jawbones on a path between Eastfield Farm and Common Lane. Two other sets of whales’ jawbones were also once to be seen in Tickhill. Many thanks are also due to Miss Maud Ashmore who has similarly allowed us to copy many photographs and other documents. One example is on the back page of this Newsletter. Thanks also go to all those who have contributed information during presentations about the HLF Project photograph collection.  

Estfeld School Spring Fayre

For the first time the society had a stand at this Fayre and showed pupils and their families some of the photographs digitised as part of the HLF Project. Thanks to Claire Brown and Maureen Dossor for staffing the stand. 

AGM on Thursday 20 September 2007 and Membership Renewal

The AGM will occupy the first part of our September meeting. The AGM will be followed by TDLHS member Tony Sheridan’s talk on ‘The Merry Wives of Doncaster’. With such an intriguing title, we hope to see as many of you as possible at the meeting.

Membership subscriptions are due for renewal at the AGM. Existing members will not need to complete a form. Anyone wishing to renew their membership who is not able to be present at the AGM is asked to send the subscription fee (cheque/PO payable to TDLHS) to the Membership Secretary (leave in a sealed envelope at Tickhill Library with a note of your name, address and membership category). As last year, the Committee has decided on behalf of the Society that the subscription rate will remain unchanged for 2007-8. Members will be asked to ratify this at the AGM. The fees are £5 full membership, £4 concessionary rate, £7.50 family rate. Full time students have free membership.                               


Future Programme

 20 September 2007        AGM

Tony Sheridan: The Merry Wives of Doncaster


18 October 2007            Julie Harrop: Cusworth Hall – The Refurbishment


15 November 2007        John Cowie: Tickhill’s Missing Men?


December 2007             Social event, date t.b.a.


17 January 2008            Howard Smith: The Story of the English Inn


21 February 2008          Garry Swan: History of Doncaster Infirmary


20 March 2008              Malcolm Dalby: The Contents of the English House 1500-                                    1750


17 April 2008                Steve Payne: Tickhill - Then Now and Future: Our Website


15 May 2008                 Christine Greenwood: Clumber Park & the Newcastle Family


The talks will be held in the Methodist Schoolroom (entrance behind the Methodist Church, Northgate),

start at 7.30 pm and finish by 9 pm.


Entrance fee (including refreshments): £1 members, £2 non-members








Sharing Our Heritage