Where you are: Living Memories - Ronald Hill
  Ronald Hill


Following his retirement, Ron did much research into Tickhill's history, especially the Middle Ages. In the acknowledgements to Tom Beastall's book Tickhill: Portrait of an English Country Town, Tom wrote that Ron's knowledge of Tickhill's topography and Mediaeval background had no equal. 

Ronald Hill was interviewed by members of the Society in the autumn of 2007. Then aged 92 he recorded his memories of Tickhill especially his schooldays in the 1920s which he remembers clearly and in remarkable detail. He also talks about Tickhill's Gas Works.


To read a transcript of the full interview, click here.

Much of the interview material covering Ron's engrossing memories of his Tickhill schooldays in the 1920s accompanied by extracts from a variety of sources and a selection of illustrations is now published in the Society's Occasional Paper 6 which can be purchased from KSM, priced 1.50.




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