Where you are: Living Memories - Mrs. Ivy Edgar
  Mrs. Ivy Edgar


Mrs Ivy Edgar was interviewed in April 2005.
Extracts from the interview are set out below.
Follow the link for a full transcript of the interview.

Can you remember anything that happened in Tickhill during the war because I am so young to remember but what are your wartime memories?

A bomb was dropped going up towards Maltby, just the other side of the bridge this was when I lived at the bungalow. It dropped in a field near Hattersley, near xxx Dam, it dropped somewhere just down there. I saw them bring it past when they detonated it in 1941. (…)

Which hospital were you at – was there one at Conisbrough?

There was one at Conisbrough but I wasn’t there. For the latter eight years I worked at Doncaster Royal on the Psychiatric Unit but I was only part time. I worked until I was 62. It wasn’t compulsory retirement for me at 60. (…)

Where did your Grandparents come from?

Warmsworth but they farmed at Butterbusk – on the way to Conisbrough. A tiny place. I’m going back over a hundred years.

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