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  Brian Stables


Another delightful contact has come to us via the website in the form of the following email from Brian Stables who now lives in Canada:-
I was just looking at your history of Tickhill when it dawned upon me that I too am part of that history.

I became somewhat nostalgic reading the reminiscences of people I grew up with.

Derek Brookfield and I were 'Ink Monitors' at the 'big' school, we used to dare each other to drink the foul muck!

John Brackenberry and I used to steal the odd puff of an illicit cigarette behind the boys lavatory.

Tom Beastall lived up Wilsic rd, was it 'Stanley' House ?

Keith Nicholson and Frank Fisher lived down Sunderland St and Ken Kimberly was on Dadesley Rd.

I was born there in 1929 and left, for the army, in 1947.

The purpose of this e-mail, [in case you are wondering!] is to say a warm "Thank you"  for making the effort to get stuff like this on record.

Yours truly

Brian Stables


The Stables family have a superb website to which Brian has made his own contribution so if you would like to know more about Brian's many memories of Tickhill, please click below, and the link will take you to the Stable website. Look for "Tickhill" on the right-hand side of the page. Go to "Localities" - scroll down to "Tickhill" - click on "Brian".

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