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  Tickhill Township Book


 Among Doncaster Archives’ material on Tickhill is a book containing records of the Overseers of the Poor and the Churchwardens. Meetings, minutes, resolutions and accounts from the 18th Century to the mid 19th Century are contained in the Township Book (Ref. No.: P56/6/A1). Some examples are included here to show two aspects of the Book’s contents: first, extracts dealing with paupers and vagrants, then those concerned with alterations to St Mary’s Church.

 30 January 1773

It is unanimously agreed at a meeting of the Vicar, Churchwardens and principal inhabitants of Tickhill [the last five words then have a line through them] this Memorandum of an agreement made amongst the principal inhabitants of Tickhill, to allow twenty pounds, to Geo Carr’s wife and her three children, for their passage from London into Maryland in America – As witness our hands this Thirtieth day of Jany 1773. [Thirteen names follow]

 27 April 1819

[Vestry Meeting]

It was resolved

1 That the influx of persons under the description of vagrants into the Parish of Tickhill has become such as to require that some efficient steps be immediately taken for ye prevention thereof.

2 It was resolved that Samuel Kemp be appointed a Special Constable with a salary of five shillings per week for three months next ensuing the date hereof to be paid out of the Poor Rate for the purpose of visiting ye lodging houses each night and morning in order that he may take and keep a written account (according to a form given) of all persons he may find in such lodging houses and in case he should find any vagrants to have been lodged two successive nights in any such house he be instructed not only to apprehend and take such vagrant before a magistrate but that he be also instructed to lay an information against the keeper of such lodging house in order that the penalty may be levied.

3 Resolved that Sam Kemp be instructed to apprehend and take before a magistrate every person that he may find begging in the Parish or that otherwise comes under the description of a vagrant.

4 Resolved that the Constable be desired to get struck off 200 handbills to be distributed about this Town requesting that the inhabitants will not only entirely refrain from giving relief at their doors, but will also refrain from purchasing matches, tapes, cotton balls, books &c which are usually carried about with a view to evading the laws at the same time as exciting charity….   

 28 May 1770

[Meeting in the Parish Church between Mr Hopkinson, representing the Earl of Scarbrough, the Vicar and 3 Churchwardens]

It is agreed that the loft or gallery intended to be erected in the said church shall be made as nearly as may be to the plan given in by Mr Billington….

 1 May 1826

[Vestry Meeting attended by the Vicar, 2 Churchwardens, 3 Overseers of the Poor and 8 others]


1 That the alterations of ye North Chancel and the repairs as begun be proceeded with a shed roof and parapet wall being made instead of a pitched roof as formerly.

2 Mr Laughton is claiming ye property of ye said Chancel but that he pays ye usual fees for burial there though he refuses and objects to any alterations being made.

3 That the Churchwardens be directed to apply to Mr Laughton to know if ye upholding of ye said Chancel is vested in him.

4 That ye Vicar.…write to ye Archbishop respecting the sum of money £1000 being borrowed to finish ye repairs.

5 That ye Churchwardens be empowered to solicit subscriptions of ye owners and proprietors of this parish towards the repairs of this Church.              Edw. H. Brooksbank, Vicar


Thanks are due to the following for permission to publish these extracts: Doncaster Archives and the owners of the Township Book, the Vicar, the Revd. Canon Gordon Taylor, and the Parochial Church Council of St Mary’s, Tickhill


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