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  Amelia Staniforth's Journal 1782 - 1785


Amelia Staniforth of Firbeck Hall, born in 1722, kept a detailed journal now in the possession of Valerie Oxley, Member of the Friends of Firbeck Hall, who has kindly provided the following transcribed extracts for publication in this Newsletter. The journal entries add to our knowledge of life at Tickhill Castle House, then the home of the Revd Basil Beridge and his wife, Dorothy née Gladwin, as well as of life for the sisters Amelia and Henrietta Staniforth at Firbeck Hall.                                         

Friday 17 January 1783                                                                                                                                          Friday 1/2 past ten Henrietta and Amelia went to Tickhill Castle, sat with Mrs Beridge and Miss Nanny Gladwin. Mr Beridge some time with them, Mrs and Miss Willoughby came and all came away about two – in the Coach. Began to read memoirs of the Kings of France, night cards.

Monday 3 March 1783

½ past twelve Mrs Beridge and Miss Jenny Gladwin came to look at Mrs Stacy’s clothes for her nieces and stay’d till ¼ before 3, afternoon Henrietta wrote, evening etc book and cards.

Monday 9 June 1783

after 12 Mr Beridge and a gentleman from Lincolnshire call’d here and sat a little, and Henrietta and Amelia walk’d about the house with them, before and after dinner Amelia dusted the china upon the Chimney and Cabinet, and Mrs Goddard help’d her – Henrietta wrote, Mrs Goddard drank tea with Henrietta and Amelia and afterwards went away, night Deuxdril [a version of the card game quadrille].

Monday 3 November 1783

Monday morning at eleven all four went to Tickhill Castle, Mrs Beridge, Miss J Gladwin and Miss Lenton there, the Ladies being going out they came away 20 minutes before one, Sir William Andrew came in a little before that time – evening Pope [a card game similar to newmarket].


Wednesday 12 November 1783

Wednesday about 12 Mrs Beridge, Mrs J Beridge, Miss Lenton and Miss J Gladwin came, Amelia went with them to see nuns and friars [possibly a display of stuffed birds]. After that Mrs Worsley and Henrietta wrote, after that Miss Lenton and Miss Gladwin walk’d to Parkhill – after two all went away, afternoon all three went to Langold, after tea Quadril. Henrietta out first and Amelia after, Mr Knight abroad.


Friday 24 Sept 1784

Friday morning at eleven Mrs Worsley and Henrietta and Amelia went to Tickhill Castle, sat, first, Mrs Beridge, Mrs Gladwin and her daughter there who came to them, Miss Willoughby walk’d with Miss Gladwin – they stay’d till near half past one, came back by Sandbeck House and drove to the other side of it – half past five went to Langold….


Saturday 17 September 1785

Saturday morning after eleven all four went to Tickhill Castle, Mr Beridge was walk’d out, being expected home they went in, stay’d for a horse shoeing, she not coming home they came away half past one – just before six Gen’l St Leger came and stay’d till eight, after that Troisdril [another version of quadrille].


Wednesday 21 September 1785

Wednesday morning Mrs and Miss Worsley in the garden to see Michael plant flowers and dig border by the door and setting Tom to work at the borders and plant flowers, Henrietta out sometime seeing Dick clean a little, Amelia out weeding and walking about, the boy and William cutting dead boughs out of the cherry trees etc, about two Mrs Beridge came to dinner, Mr Bates dined here and drank tea, after that Quadril, between eight and nine Mr Beridge and Doctor Linn call’d from Langold for Mrs Berdige and stay’d till the Pool was over, Col St Leger came with them and stay’d till about nine – a load of barley came in.


Thursday 13 October 1785

Thursday morning about eleven all four went to Tickhill Castle, besides Doctor and Mrs John Beridge who were in the house, they found Mr, Miss and Mr Joseph Mellish and two Miss Willoughbys and a little Miss Gladwin with them, there for morning visit – Mrs and Miss Worsley, Henrietta and Amelia stay’d dinner, and Mr and Mrs Dixon came to dinner, in the afternoon Mrs Beridge walk’d with Mrs Worsley to look at a horse, after they came home Mr and Mrs John Beridge, Mrs Dixon and Henrietta sat down to Quadril, and after tea Mrs  Worsley, Mrs Beridge, Doctor Linn and Mr Dixon to whist, and Mr Beridge changed with Doctor Linn, Amelia sat out, they came away between eight and nine.


Amelia also mentioned riding from Firbeck to Tickhill and back on an August evening in 1783, attending Tickhill Church twice in 1785 and sitting in the Beridge's pew there, then travelling through Tickhill on visits to Bawtry in 1782 and Doncaster in 1785.


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