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    Nepotism in Action


 The Revd Thomas Francis Twigge became Vicar of Tickhill in 1784 and stayed in post until 1821 to become one of St Mary's longest serving incumbents. Exploring his family connections revealed two factors.

He married Martha Beridge, widow of Dr John Beridge of Derby, step brother of the Revd Basil Bury Beridge the tenant of Tickhill Castle for many years. The Revd Twigge's mother, Frances, was the youngest sister of Francis Ferand Foljambe who owned the living of St Mary's. F F Foljambe thus appointed his nephew to be Vicar of St Mary's in a clear act of nepotism, repeating a previous appointment of the Revd Twigge to be Vicar of another Foljambe living at St Nicholas Church, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire.                                    

The Foljambe family continued to have the right to appoint Tickhill's vicars until 1921.



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