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  The Methodist Schoolroom



The Methodist Schoolroom 

The Society has been meeting in the Methodist Schoolroom for three years now. Members may be interested to see how the Schoolroom was originally intended to be used. The following information was printed in three leaflets by John Bee, who worked as a printer in Tickhill from the 1840s to the 1890s. He used a small printing press operated by a foot treadle and produced a range of handbills, notices and booklets from his premises first in Northgate then in Castlegate The late Jessie Newborn copied out the contents of the leaflets, reproduced here courtesy of her brother Frank Newborn.    

Opening Services of the Wesleyan Day Schools Tickhill



TWO SERMONS will be preached by

THE REVD JAMES BROMLEY (Late of Doncaster Circuit)

Service to commence at half past ten in the Morning

And half past six o’clock in the evening


on the same day


Will be opened in Mr Hancock’s Large room, from Twelve in the Morning until

Seven in the Evening. Consisting of plain and ornamental articles.

Profits of the Articles sold to be devoted to the Expenses of the building of the above School.

Admission First Day 1/- each, to be returned in the purchase of any article to that amount.


Tickhill Wesleyan Day School for Children of all Denominations


  1. This school will be open to children of all denominations.
  2. The children will be at liberty to attend any Sabbath School or place of worship preferred by their parents.
  3. Education in all the common branches of reading, writing and arithmetic etc will be given by a thoroughly trained teacher at a VERY LOW CHARGE.
  4. The religious instruction and moral character of the children will be carefully attended to.

The Friends of the Rising Generation are respectfully solicited to give their countenance to this liberal and Christian School.           

Tickhill Oct 8 1845 

The Committee beg to inform the inhabitants of Tickhill and its neighbourhood, that they have engaged a Master from the Glasgow Training Seminary to conduct their school which will open on Mon Oct 20th 1845.

For the better information of the public it may be necessary to state that the Course of Instruction embraces Bible Training, Reading, Writing, Mental and Written Arithmetic, English Grammar, History, Geography, the Elements of Astronomy and the Sciences generally, and Vocal Music according to Hullah’s method. The whole course of lessons will be conducted on the mode of ‘Picturing out in words’, assisted by Illustrations. 

The object of this Institution is to promote the general welfare of the Town and neighbourhood by placing within the reach of labouring classes especially, a sound and useful, moral, religious and intellectual education for their children; in order that they may rise to maturity, virtuous, intelligent, loyal and patriotic. 


Children 5-9 yrs   -   4/-      From 9-12 yrs   -   6/-       Twelve years upwards   -   7/6

The very poor  5 –12 yrs   -    2/6        Above 12    -     3/6 

All books and other apparatus used in the school and retained there will be found gratuitously; but pens, pencils and copybooks will be charged. The children will be required to attend the Wesleyan Chapel, or some other place of worship, every Sabbath. 

The Committee will be in attendance in the New School Room to enrol the names of children on Friday 17 inst from 4 – 5 o’clock and from 6 – 7 in the Evening.

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