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  Tickhill's Education Week 21-26 June 1936


In the 1920s and 1930s Education Weeks became a popular way for schools to involve the community in their work and to raise awareness of adult education. Some local education authorities even produced Education Week Handbooks. Tickhill’s Education Week in 1936 was the first time such a venture had been attempted here, although various events took place in previous years without being concentrated into one week. Thanks to the late Jessie Newborn and her family, a copy of the Education Week Souvenir Programme (price 4d) has been saved. For the pupils, the emphasis was on religion, sport, history and drama during the week, although only the sports afternoon took place during normal school hours. Nevertheless, rehearsals must have disrupted some of the usual lessons. Talks aimed at adults took place on two evenings. A few weeks before the Education Week, the Headmaster recorded in the School Logbook that Mr Taylor HMI visited to discuss the Week. He approved the project which ‘will involve alterations to the timetable’.

 Education Week Programme

Sunday 21 June

2 p.m. Procession led by the Tickhill Jubilee Band from the Senior School to St Mary’s via St Mary’s Road, Mangham Lane, Northgate, Castlegate, Westgate, Rawson Road and Pinfold Lane.

3.15 p.m. Service for children and parents at St Mary’s Church.

Monday 22 June

5.30 p.m. Coronation of the Rose Queens at the Butter Cross – Infants: Dora Kitching, to be crowned by Mrs Brooksbank; Seniors: Madge Richardson, to be crowned by Mrs Huntsman.

7 p.m. Meeting in the Library with speakers: The Ven Archdeacon Sandford Church and School, Mr S Taylor HMI Educational Avenues, Mr A F Finney CCI Re-organisation of Schools, Chairman: The Rev J M Shaw.

Tuesday 23 June

2.30 p.m. Annual Sports in the Cricket Field. As well as a range of races (from the usual to what now seems unusual: Plant-pot race, Gathering Potatoes, Slow Bicycle race), the event included Country Dancing, a P.T. Exhibition and a short talk on Physical Education by Mr J G Hoare, Organiser of Physical Training.

Wednesday 24 June

6 p.m. A Pageant of Tickhill History in the Castle Grounds by kind permission of Mr H G Atkinson-Clark JP. School children presented Tickhill’s history in 11 Episodes, Episodes 1-9 covering events from the arrival of the Normans to life after the Civil War. Episode 10 was a series of reminiscences by Mr J Walker, born in 1853, and Episode 11, based on the enquiry into the de-urbanisation of Tickhill.   

Thursday 25 June

7 p.m. A performance of Hiawatha in the Library with parts taken by William Taylor, Ida Bradder, Joseph Ashton, Ruth Needham, Audrey Stubbings, William Matthews, Cyril Howe and Emily Burton.

Friday 26 June

7 p.m. (a) A film Healing through the ages in the Library followed by details of Doncaster Infirmary’s administration given by the Secretary Superintendent.

(b) ‘The value of the Evening Institute’ with speakers Mr J C Fawcett, Headmaster of Rossington Evening Institute, and Mr E Fisher, District Secretary of the WEA.

Wednesday to Friday 24 – 26 June

2 – 4 p.m. Exhibition of Children’s Work (some of it for sale) in the Parish Room.

The Education Week Souvenir Programme included notes on the history of the Church and Castle, a list of legislation related to education since 1870, various advertisements and a word of thanks from Headmaster Mr Shaw, especially for the help given by parents: ‘Providing the various costumes has been by far the most important contribution to the Week, and mothers and friends have risen to the occasion wonderfully well. Many mothers now have a remarkable knowledge of period costumes! And they have done the work and borne the expense most cheerfully.’ 

An entry in the School Logbook for 29 June 1936 noted: ‘The past week  - ‘Education Week’ - was carried out as intended. Each event was successful and the ‘Hiawatha’ concert and the Pageant are to be repeated, by request. A full hall gave a good beginning at the Public Meeting on Monday 22 June and the meeting on Friday 26 June was also very well attended…. The children’s work [was] exhibited in the Parish Room. The exhibition was kept open also for two extra days.’ (Quoted courtesy of Doncaster Archives, Ref No: SR105/A1/2)


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