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    Advertising c. 1910


This flyer was found in a 1910 volume of Tickhill’s Parish Magazine belonging to the late Mrs Joan Wilcox. It is not known whether the flyer was originally distributed with the Magazine.      

Jarvis, the Drapers, whose shop in Sunderland Street occupied the building now used by Lockwoods Florists, certainly paid to advertise in the Magazines. It is likely that the fashion shown was contemporary with 1910. This was a time when almost all adults wore hats when going out.                                                                                   The ‘semi-trimmed’ millinery could suggest that purchasers added some of their own trims to their hats to personalise them, or bought additional trimmings from Jarvis’s. The price range from one shilling, 1/-, (5p) has the equivalent purchasing power nowadays of about £3.50. The flyer, printed on very thin, ochre-coloured paper, is a rare survival of this type of advertising material, usually classed as ‘ephemera’.                                                                                          




















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