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Tickhill and District Local History Society produces a quarterly Newsletter which contains brief articles on aspects of local history. Each is carefully researched.

New topics from the Newsletter and other sources will be added regularly to this website.

The topics are listed below, grouped under broad headings to help you find your way around.

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Gateway 1881 Tickhill's Teenagers
House 1918-1923 Press cuttings
Keep 1924 School visit to British Empire Exhibition
C Hansbie's will 1936 Education week
A Re-enactment Tickhill's School in 1764
Castle Archers' Society Schools in 1865
Imprisonment in the Castle Children of the Reformation
Plants in Castle Grounds  
'Freeborn' John Lilburne 1615-1657  
Sir Walter Urswick (de Urswyk)  
Trouble at Gringley Mill  
Motte in Snow  
Township Book Mediaeval tournaments
1904 Register of Electors Mediaeval soldier website review
Tickhill Urban District Council 1904 Infantry & yeomanry volunteers
The Primrose League 1917 Economy campaign
  Living memories of WWII
  A Local Hero
  War Diaries Transcribed 1916/17
  WWI Display Local History Fair
  Tickhill Men at War
  M Longdin - Day I'll never forget
  Troops wounded on D-Day
  WWII Plane Crash near Tickhill
  Conscientious Objectors
Celebrations Codex Sinaiticus
Cricket Tickhill Psalter
Drum & fife band Roche Abbey on the internet
Flower shows Clash of  beliefs
Going to the pictures Parish Room
G R Tuby - Fairground showman Review of "The Beloved Wife"
Tickhill Boys' Club Glynne - Yorkshire Church Notes
Doncaster Races Methodist Schoolroom
Medieval Hunting with Birds of Prey Tickhill's Austin Friary
Listening to the Radio in 1932 Nepotism in action
Tickhill Institute 1989 Stories in Stone
NADFAS Art and Soul 1851Census of Religious Worship
Memorials to a Medieval Family Part 1
  Memorials to a Medieval Family Part 2
  Fitzwilliam Tomb and its Occupants
  Reburial in Fitzwilliwm Tomb
  Charles Turner - Druggist and Methodist
  Charles Turner - Further Information
  Jews in Medieval Tickhill
  Men who made St Mary's
  Dedication of St Marys Pt 1
1837 & 1915 Trades and Professions Saxton's carriers
1910 Advertising Traffic in Tickhill
Shops 60 years ago Steam Vehicle
Farming in the 1940s  
Lye Family and Postal Service  
Agricultural Show 1950  
17th Cent Trade Tokens  
Insolvency and Bankruptcy  
Sheep Stealing  
A Tradesman's Goods and Chattels 1870  
Shops and businesses - 1940s and now
Paper making & defrauding Inland Revenue  
Late medieval tannery  
Shops 1963 and 1987  
G Jenkinson's Boots and Shoes  
Hard Times Ordnance Survey Bench marks
Fire Brigade Memories of Victorian Tickhill
District visitors Tickhill's migrant population
Friendly Society British Empire Exhibition
Sandbeck Nursing Association Dates on buildings
St Mary Magdalene Hospital - Bawtry Glossary of words
Leeches Story behind a Gravestone
  Preservation of buildings
  50 Years Ago
  A Research Challenge
AROUND TICKHILL Effects of Volcano 1783
Hesley Hall 18th century wedding in StMary's
Jubilee Wood Clarel Hall
Notes on Wellingley Royal Weddings and Tickhill
Mr Straw's House Censuses
Hesley Hall - Families who lived there Royal Arms in St Mary's Church
Hesley Hall - 25th July 1950 Medical Fees
Hesley Hall - a Visitor's Diary 1741 Parliamentary Election
Alverley Hall Remembering CC41
Dadsley - the Lost Village Sth Yorks Pauper Lunatic Asylum
  A Migrant Family
PEOPLE Mystery House
Revd. Alderson 1807 General Election
Photo of Emily Carr Jubilee 1897
Amelia Staniforth's Journal 1782-85 Flax growing & processing
Roger Baskett- well travelled Tickhill Gentleman What's in a Name?
William White-citizen of London, local benefactor 17th Century Insults
Constance de Bearn PropertyMarket-early 20th Century
Thomas Dixon 1859 - 1939 Gothic Revival Style in Tickhill
George W (Bill) Handy Libraries
Sir William de Anne (aka Aune) Early Days in Bircotes
Sir William Fraunk Medieval  Graffiti
John Winks 1940s Fashions
The Rev Townley Gardner Pineapple Mania
Albert Houthuesen - artist Edwardian Wedding
Sir Walter Urswick (de Urswyk) Pardons given by Edward II
Another Edwardian Wedding Mystery Photographs
George Colbeck 1813-1897 Ruddle Pit
Curious Will - John Leeston Local Dialects
  History in Hedgerow

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