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  Road and Rail in Tickhill


In medieval times, Tickhill, with its castle and market, was one of the most important localities in what we now know as South Yorkshire and it played a not insignificant part in the Civil War of the 1640s. By the 19th Century, however, it had declined in importance relative to Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield to be scarcely more than a large village, albeit one with proud historical traditions. During the 20th Century its character changed again, becoming a considerable dormitory town for Doncaster and perhaps also Rotherham. Much of its importance, at whatever period of its history, derives from the fact that it stands at the crossing of significant north-south and east-west roads – like Bawtry in fact though the north-south road there is a different one. Tickhill’s two major roads existed in some form or other in medieval times, though little is known about the traffic each then carried; neither was on one of the better known packhorse routes, though it may be there was some wagon and cart traffic.



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