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  The History of the National Trust


A talk given by John Hoare to Tickhill and District Local History Society in November 2008

 Brief Summary 

The talk illustrated the development the National Trust from its formation in 1895 since when it has lived up to the Duke of Westminster's prediction, "Mark my words, this is going to be a very big thing".

John highlighted the stages of the Trusts's growth and the way in which its goals had broadened across the decades. From its founders' wish to provide "open air sitting rooms for the poor", it has embraced the  acquisition of properties (small vernacular houses at first and grand stately homes later as the social and economic climate changed), stretches of landscape, pieces of coastline, through to the preservation of social history and the protection of the environment.

The attached outline of the talk is illustrated with photographs of many of the Trust's acquisitions, particularly those which illustrate the evolution of the National Trust's approach



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