Where you are: Local History - Lanes and Hedges
  Tickhill's Lanes and Hedgerows


A talk given by Tony Sheridan to Tickhill and District Local History Society in September 2006

 Brief Summary 

The talk illustrated the development of Tickhill’s lanes and hedges, described the Anglo-Saxon or Danish origins of many of them, and showed the influence of geology. It also listed the factors which have led to the loss of hedgerows and showed their importance in the conservation of plant species and their benefit to wildlife.   

Until the Second World War, Tickhill was surrounded by an extensive network of ancient lanes and hedges.  Since then, the drive for agricultural production has meant that over three quarters of the hedgerows and even some of the lanes have been removed.  However, previous work by the Tickhill Historical Society has recorded the field names and their boundaries and this, together with other sources and a survey of what remains gives an interesting slant on the history of agriculture around Tickhill.


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