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  Tickhill's Countryside - a Survey

Tickhill's Countryside - a Survey in the first Decade of the 21st Century of the area's Plants and Wildlife

The Countryside Group of Tickhill have compiled an analysis of the current state of the countryside around Tickhill.

This analysis is fascinating in its own right and will form a useful baseline against which to measure changes over coming decades as the countryside is affected by changes in the climate and by man's activities.

The report is in several sections and can be accessed by clicking on the links below to the various parts.

1 - General Overview describing the geological and historical background, with a summary of the situation in 2007

2 -A Survey of the Flowers of Jubilee Wood in 2004

3 - Water Vole Survey - 2006

4 - A Survey of the Birdlife of Tickhill - 2006

An album of photographs of the plants and wildlife around Tickhill can be viewed in the website's Gallery under Today - Places - Countryside

Our thanks to the members of the Countryside Group for their diligent work and for their kindness in allowing us to publish their analyses.


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