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  About Local History

In this part of the website, we will pull together articles and notes about aspects of Tickhill’s history. It is not intended to be a complete history. We will add to it as interesting material becomes available.

As well as giving a brief general history of the origin and development of Tickhill, there are four main sections under Local History:-

1.  Longer articles containing in-depth research on topics such as Tickhill's Maison Dieu and Tickhill's musical past.

2.  Summaries and transcripts of the talks given to the Society by visiting speakers, covering topics on which they are particular experts eg. the organ of St. Mary's Church  and Tickhill's lanes and hedgerows.

3. Snippets i.e. shorter articles, many taken from the Society's quarterly newsletter, describing, for example, wartime farming and shops in Tickhill 60 years ago.

4. Articles on topics which relate to our collection of photographs in the Gallery section of the website and which help to understand the context in which the photographs were taken and to appreciate what they tell us about life at those times.









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