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  Tickhill's New Book - TICKHILL - discover its past


The Society is delighted to present its new book on the history of Tickhill written by Carol Hill.

The book is dedicated to all those who enjoy local history and gives an insight into the factors and events which have shaped Tickhill today.

Over 300 pages and 15 chapters are generously illustrated with carefully restored photographs.

It has 2 indexes which  make it easy find your way around. The first chapter, Origins and Development of Tickhill, gives an overview of Tickhill's history, which is then developed, topic by topic, in each of the subsequent chapters. All chapters follow a chronological order

Tickhill - discover its past was launched in September 2014 and is on sale in KSM in Tickhill and in Tickhill Library. It can also be obtained by mail order by contacting this website (click here). It costs 20 (plus p&p)

There is a linked website which is dedicated to the book. The website contains additional material for which there was not room in the book itself - research material produced by energetic researchers which is simply too good not to publish somewhere - much is in simple note form. We hope that the site will also attract comments from readers of the book who may be able to add interesting details to supplement material in the book.

We hope this supplementary website will grow into a rich resource of information about Tickhill and its past inspired by the book. Click here to access the book's website .

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