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 Most archive materials are allocated a number. This number simply reflects the order in which the item was recorded and bears no reference to any particular category.

Storage Facilities: Archive materials are stored in a four drawer filing cabinet in the meeting room of the library, and in a  in a four drawer cabinet in the storeroom . Some maps and charts are also stored in sturdy boxes in the storeroom




 Transactions of Archaeological Soc’y. Hunter

Vol 1 No.s  1-4 (1914-18)

Vol 11 No.s 1-4 (1920-24) No.1 Oct 1920. ref to Tickhill Masons (p.71)

Vol 111 No. 1-4 ((1925-28) No.1  Aug 1925 ref to Wm. Saunderson of Blyth (p.33)

Vol 1V parts 3 and 4 (1932-37)  Roche Abbey Charters, rents paid to Lords of Tickhill(p.228)

Vol  V parts 1-6 (1938-43) Pt.2  Court Rolls, Honour of Tickhill p.98

                                         Pt 3 ref. to Stained glass p.158

                                         Pt.5 Moot Hall Braithwell p.233

Vol V1 parts 1-6 (1944-50)

Vol V11 parts 1-6 (1951-57)

Vol V111 parts 1-5 (1958-1963)

Vol 1X   parts 1-4 (1964-69)

Vol X  parts 1-4  (1971-77) Pt.2

Vols. 11 –21 (1981- 2001)     01 – 56

Yorkshire Archaeological Trust (Annual Report) 2010

Yorkshire Archaeological Trust (Annual Report) 2010   450

Archaeological Excavations, Bawtry Masonic Hall. July 2010 (Sheffield Univ).458


Castle. (other items in Display Materials section)


Information Leaflet…174

Tickhill Castle plan (2 copies)   174b

Pamphlet (Don. D. Stockley)…175

Old Views/ Engravings… 176

Honour of Tickhill_ Paper…177

Domesday entry- Lands of De Busli …178

Investigations 1984/85_Summary (Don. P. Mottram) 188

Guide to Castle with sketches…257

Project (Model of Castle)                       259

Doncaster Archives Castle project 260

Historical Guide to castle…265

Project L.H.G. (Don Archives) 1980’s  67

Summary Interim Report                        188

Press cuttings (1964 onwards)  400

Web pages  TDLHS re castle and house           401

Extract “English Medieval Castles” R. Allen Brown  1954

Poster re environment week  07/05/86  402


Census/Electoral Reg. (Late 19th/ Early 20th Century)

Item description. Register of Electors. 1910 Tickhill Polling Dist


Population Census Map 1851 (3 copies) M and P Mottram          91

Register of Electors 1999/2000 (2 copies)

And listed buildings                                                                    183

Register of Electors (Tickhill Polling Dist 1911)                          


Directories./Parish Registers

Bains Directory 1882                   78

Pigot’s Directory 1828               79

White’s Directory 1837 (2 copies)   80

White’s Directory 1852 ( 2 copies)  81

White’s Directory 1868 ( 2 copies) 278

Parish Reg. Of Tickhill Vol. 1  1538-1674          

                                  Vol 2.  1675 – 1771      


Display Materials/posters (Photographs/posters unless otherwise stated)  (C1)

Buttercross                               92

Buttercross plus info                  93

St. Mary’s Church                     94

Accounts. Jubilee treat 1887                  95

Jubilee Brass Band                                96

Press cutting Brass Bands 1837             97

Tickhill Band 1902                                 98

Boer War 1902 press photos                  99       

Jubilee Brass Band players’ List             100

Extravaganza 1990 Royal Marines/Castle Grounds          102

                    Buttercross                     103

                poster 1990                         256

Castle.. Aerial view                               104

Castle…house                                       105 (ground plan)                    106                                        107

Castle…wall (painting)                           143

Postcards…Donated S. Jameson            144 – 148

Coronation 1953 Souvenir prog (2copies)  251

Aerial view Tickhill (postcard)                252                                         

Jubilee Plaque design 2002                     261

LHS visit 2005 Loversall Church 2005  149

Mayday Ceremony ( Taylor’s)                  305

Evacuee Certificate                                 333

Linen druggeting (Tickhill flax)                

and accompanying note.Betty Franks     

Article Donc’r Gazette 1963                

Cricket Team 1945                               

Cricket Team 1938                             

Photo Buttercross (Date unknown)

Don Gazette article re castle 1963         

Photo 2 men with animal carcass (Names unknown, as yet)

Extracts from Parish Mag. 1944-61 (Enlarged)   



Doncaster and Dist Fam Hist Soc’y

Let’s Start Family History (leaflet)                                 75

Map of Parishes covered by DDFHS                             76

Resources list for Tickhill (Belgrave centre)                    77


                                “(Local Studies Public Lib)        184     


Estate. (Titles/ sale plans/ property bequests).

Sandrock House. Auction of Furnishings Catalogue 1958   234



General Interest.

Doncaster Yesterday” (Donated D. Stockley)               317

“Doncaster District Old Inns and Taverns by P. Tuffrey  318

“A Century of Doncaster” by Brian Elliott                      153

“The Making of South Yorkshire” by David Hey              281

“Place Names of the West Riding” Pt.1.                         277

Doncaster Revisited” Hill and Tunney                           279

Round the Yorkshire Castles.(booklet) Wilcox                 280

Green Howard Reg’t Museum +Casualty list (Boer War) 336

Homewords for Heart and Hearth 1891 –1899 127-135*

1901-1903                            136-138*

Cricket in Doncaster  and Dist. (Scowcroft)                    268

Photographs of local Halls                                             
Mansion House (Pamphlet)                                                       

Guide to Norman sites 1984(Printed sheets)                   

Pamphlet “The Mansion House Doncaster                   

A History of Sheffield    David Hey                               

The Land Rural Report 1913                                         

A Look at Doncaster 1976. School Project (Author Unknown)

“Contact” Community Newsletter Sept.’75-Spring 79


Tickhill and District Local History Society

(Materials relating specifically to the activities of the Society and periodicals purchased by the Society)


Individual Collections.

Ron Hill                                                283

Ken Kimberley. Doncaster area survey reports. (1973/75)  291

Jack Burchby News Collection:- 5 notebooks  and memorabilia   308 and 308b*

March 1951- Nov 1953

Nov 1953 –June 1957

July 1957 – Sept 1960

Oct 1960 – June 1963

July 1963 – April 1970

*(Stored separately in main filing cabinet)

C.C.Hill  DFC. R.A.F. “The Cliff Hill Story”               239



Living  Memories. (See also Video/CD section)


Recollections of Tickhill” P.Tanfield.    70

Len Kilvington April ’05             162

Ivy Edgar                                          163

Roy Taylor                                        164

CD discs of above interviews                 165

The Draft. (Pop in Centre memories)    


Local History Group pre 1981.

Pamphlet. Useful Maps and Field Names (Mrs. Willcox)      64

Place Name index Pamphlet (DMBC Archives)      65

Handwritten notes origin of Tickhill                    

Collections for the History of Tickhill:-

1967           (3 copies)

1973          (2 copies)

1976           (2 copies)

1980           (2 copies)

(The copies are in the storeroom filing cabinets. A list of the individual items is on a supplementary sheet)



Magazines/Periodicals. (Storeroom filing cabinets)

“The Local Historian”, and “Local History News”  (from2006 )

Tickhill Today (From Sept 2006 – Oct ‘10)        

Tickhill News from 1989 – 2004)   212 - 227

Yesterday Today”(Don Library)

Local Hist reviews                    124-126



Newsitems re HLF (Doc Wallet)

Copy of Doncaster Evening  Post  28th Sept ’67 (School bus tragedy)



Maps/plans  (C1)

 Street Map of Tickhill…110

6” – Tickhill and Surrounding Area.1854…108

Map showing A.R.P Wardens’ posts (donated F.Newborn) 1939…232

6”- Tickhill and Surrounding Area. 1931…109

Street map of Tickhill (made by Scouts) 2007…246

O.S. Map Tickhill 1901…111

Supplementary maps. Tickhill and surrounding area. 180

Place name index of Tickhill (Pamphlet)             59

Place Names of Tickhill (Sheffield Univ.) 2 copies          64/65

Tickhill East and North 1:1000 (Photcopy)

Where people lived in 1851 (P.Mottram)

Photocopy: Tickhill East and North 1:10000


MBC Docs.

Doncaster By-pass Motorway Construction         231


Mill Dam

Tickhill Mill Dam, before and after                     237                 

Improvements report                                         238


Nonconformist churches (Religious Life)

Music in the Methodist Church. (R. Cornish)….242   C1

Book. Tickhill Methodist Church. 150th Anniversary…275

Poem: “The Old Chapel” (Sunderland Street) By Connie Ord 907-2000


Occasional Papers

1. “Highlights of Tickhill’s Musical Past” (P. Scowcroft) 199

2. “History of “Mizendew” Almshouses” + Charity report. (H. Moffat)    210a/b.

3.  “Eastfield  Farm 1925 –1955) H. Moffat                    236

4. “Life in Late Victorian  Tickhill”                                 266

5. “Life in Edwardian Tickhill”                                       267

6. “Memories of Tickhill Schooldays in 1920’s”               286

7. “Around St. Mary’s Churchyard”                               299

8. “Brief History of Tickhill’s Transportation” P. Scowcroft  309

9. “Tickhill in the 1960’s” (J. Burchby)                           319

10. “Growing up in Tickhill” Betty Hill                            334

11.Tickhill Castle since the Civil War

12.   The Laughton Family of Tickhill

13. Tickhill in the 1950s


Organisations (Social Life)

Tickhill Boys Club (B. Higgins)  316

Male voice choir:  letter from Mrs. Jack             
Tickhill Countryside Group. Chairman’s Rept.  2010/11

Countryside Group Chairman’s Rept.2011-12


Other Localities (C2)

Growth of a Township. Maltby’s story (pamphlet) C.Auckland  58

Stainton, South Yorks. Village book                                274

Information on Stainton Church                                      244

St. Katharine’s Church, Loversall                                  422

Blyth Tournament Field  (Dukery Records 1904)            4 copies 423a.b.c.d.

Wadworth Show and Gala Prog. 1946                            424



Parish Church (Religious Life).

Portrait of an English Parish Church.(Tom Beastall) …201

Tickhill  Church and People. 1 & 2 …202. 203

St. Mary’s Church Historical Guide (1968)…204

St. Mary’s Visitors’ Guide…205

Church Magazine (date unknown)…..206

St. Mary’s heritage leaflet and Flower Festival 2007…241

Monumental Inscriptions            84

Parish Magazines 1891 …1903  127 - 138

Parish Magazines. Oct 2008… Sept. 2010*

         Aug separate entry

Aug 2009. 900yrs anniversary account   

Nov 1998  - Feb 2010                                              284

1940 –49: 1950 –61 (donated by Joan Wilcox)            281


Also loose sheets from 1920’s and 30’s                        282

“The Bells of St. Mary’s.”  Book by Ann Northmore                 57

Flower Festival 1989 album (Donated J. Peacock)                       189

                     1994            (                          )                  190

                       1983,1985, 1991 (Photographs)                        191 –193

Harvest Festival 1987 (Donated J. Peacock)                   194

Christmas Tree Festival 2009                                         307

Guide to Tickhill Church                                     197

Organ and Choir of St. Mary’s. John Marsden                150

St. Mary’s Church Activity Booklet +CD rom                 151

Information Sheets (Canon Taylor)                     300

Events Celebrating 900th anniversary                  301

2 Lithographs St. Mary’s (1900 W.G.Fox)         

Rogation Service Sheet 19??     

Service of intercession for H.M. Forces 1914     

Induction Service. Rev C.J.Betson May 2012     


Parish Rooms. (Document Wallet)

Leaflet  2008 Post refurbishment                        262

Refurbishment Report- Mottram                                                

Parish Room Group report                                 179

Booklet: Introducing the Parish Room.(History and Guide)

Room For Improvement (Mottram)                    



Treasures of Tickhill. Booklet by S.Payne and D.Walters             41

“The Foljambe Tomb”  D. Thorpe                                              247

Calendars produced in conjunction with Male Voice Choir


Public Library

Photographs/ material relating to (Yellow folder) 

Account of opening by Earl of Scarbrough 1908   

Reports by Don. Gazette and Chronicle               


Schools. (Education)

School Photographs (Donated by J.Peacock)      329/243

Service of Dedication 1967                                276

History of Education in Tickhill..R. Cornish        211a

Education in Tickhill.. T. Beastall                        211b

Tickhill National School…K. Kimberley  211c

Memories of School/s…H Fulwood                    211d

Misses Goodwin’s School…B.Hill                      211e

2 Leaflets (Miss Ashmore)                                211f

Plan of School

Materials relevant to St, Mary’s School               243

Extracts from School log 1910/1920



Urban Survey of Tickhill (J. Glasby) 1957               328

Geographical Survey of Tickhill 1941-43 DHG Stables     196




Souvenir/ Anniversary Publications (Social Life)


Booklet. Souvenir of Tickhill…288

Booklet. Souvenir Prog. Education Week-June 1936….289

Booklet. Pageant/ Hist of Tickhill. 1936…290



Battle of Britain Commem. “Daily Telegraph” 1990 -3 parts…209

Public Thanksgiving for the Great Jubilee June 1897 (“copies)

Her Majesty’s Coronation 31st May 1953                                 

VE Day Remembered 7th May 1995                                        

Daily Telegraph Booklet 1855-1955                                208



Transport (Trade)

Coach, Omnibus and Carrier Services 19th C. (Saxton Family)  160


Urban District Council

Tickhill U.D.C. Official Guide. (2 photocopies).                           437

Official Guide 2008                                                                    245

“Planning For Real” Comm. Consult’n Ex. 2003 (pamph) 66                                                                                          

List of historic buildings 1960                                                                  436


Victorian Tickhill (Life in late 19th /early 20th Century)

The Victorian Community of Tickhill by P.M. Tillot         68

Notes for study of 19th C. Tickhill.  Tillot 1971                 69

“Doncaster Chronicle” Extracts 1891                             71

Tickhill Charities Report 1890’s (3 leaflets).                    72

Medical Officer of Health Report 1882                           73

Jubilee Treat 1887..(Accounts)                                       74

Letters(copies) pre envelope 1845 (B. Peacock)              181

Jubilee Brass Band (1887-1939) D. Stockley                   172

Traditions of House and Home (Pamphlet)                      173

Jubilee Thanksgiving Service 1897                                  441


Video/CD/ Slides

Millenium Extravaganza.(Video)                         166

Memories of Sprotborough Hall                                      166b


West Riding County Council

W.R. Post office Register                                              82

W.R. Registry of Deeds (Tickhill) 1756-1761                   83


Wills/ Legal Docs/ Deeds of Conveyance


Bond between John Hall and Edward Nettleship .1775

Probate of will of Charles Perfect. Surgeon Apothecary 1851

Probate of Will of Joseph Wilkinson of Limestone Hill  1863

Probate of will of Mary Ann Dowson 1883

Deed of Land Conveyance . Wagstaffe to Holmes 1832

Transfer of Mortgage. Fisher to Jackson  1837



World War 1 and 2

Nazi Propaganda poster WW2 (anti USA)                         439

Leaflet economy campaign 1917                                    248


Requisition letter for 13 chevrons (Civil Defence) 1944      240

“Tickhill’s Wartime Contribution” Free Press extra 20/12/85        443

HMS Lightning, Doncaster’s Destroyer (Info sheet)                    444

Royal Certificate for sheltering evacuee (D. Walker)                  


Sharing Our Heritage